84 Proof / 42% ABV

What is triticale? Triticale is a hybrid member of the cereal grain family, a cross between wheat and rye. Both sweet and savory, it serves as perfect base for distilling whiskey.

By using only triticale grown in central Washington, our Straight Triticale Whiskey is a truly locally sourced treasure. Encompassing the flavors of both wheat and rye, the result is an earthy whiskey with tasting notes of toasted cereal and spicy caramel. Aged for at least three years in charred American oak barrels, our Straight Triticale Whiskey’s signature is subtle and sweet with a hint of spice.


95% Triticale, 5% Malted Barley


At least 3 years

Barrel Profile

American Oak – #3 & #4 char

Tasting Notes

Toasted Cereal, Earthy, Spicy Caramel