116 Proof / 58% ABV

Cask & Slide is no ordinary bourbon; it’s an invitation to celebrate the unbridled spirit of the slide. Forged from only the finest local grains, this straight bourbon is as bold and untamed as the reining horses that inspired it.

We believe in honoring the authenticity of the barrel. Forgoing chill filtration and bottling at cask strength ensures that every intricate layer of flavor remains intact from cask to glass.

Join us on a journey that refuses to be watered down. Cask & Slide – an ode to the craft and a rebellion against the ordinary.


83% Corn, 12% Gazelle Rye, 5% Malted Barley


at least 4 years

Barrel Profile

American oak – #3 char

Tasting Notes

Charred Oak, Maple Syrup, Rye Spice